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1 Department of Biology, College of Education for Pure Science, University of Wasit, Wasit, 52001, Iraq.

2 Department of Pathological Analyzes, College of Science, University of Wasit, Wasit, 52001, Iraq.

3 Ananta Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center AIMS-RC, Rajsamand, Udaipur, India.


This study showcases the creation of nanostructures that carry Chrysin (Chr), using gold (AuNPs) nanoparticles encased in chitosan. The Au particles were derived by reducing AuCl4− with tripolyphosphate (TPP) and
CS. These gold/chitosan nanoparticles (Au/CS NPs) were analyzed using UV-Vis spectroscopy. Their size was identified as approximately 45.23± 4.32 nm through DLS, and the crystal makeup of gold was verified by XRD. FE-SEM imaging confirmed these NPs to be round, with an average size around 42 nm. Measurements showed that the drug capacity for Chr was about 20 ± 3.70% and its encapsulation efficiency stood at roughly 88.7 ± 4.50%. The nanocarrier’s drug release behavior was observed in both acidic and neutral conditions (with pH levels of 5.4 and 7.4), and it was notably responsive to the acidic environment. Moreover, MTT test showed the Chr-infused NPs were more toxic to the MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells than Chr alone. Based on this data, further exploration of these Au/CS NPs is recommended to enhance the therapeutic potential of Chr.


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